Thursday, July 13, 2006

Youth Genealogy Book Published

When Evie overhears her parents talking about their family tree, she considers whether they mean the holly, the sugar maple, the magnolia or the oak. Follow the story of how Evie defines what her family tree means to her. Designed specifically for children, Evie Finds Her Family Tree, is an inspired exploration of what being a part of a family really means.

This simple introduction to genealogy from the IHS Press helps children begin to understand the connections that families share and how, although unique individuals, each family member links to one another.

The book was written by Ashley Ransburg, an Indianapolis, Indiana, elementary school teacher who developed a passion for art and creative writing at an early age and has always loved finding out about her own family history.

Evie Finds Her Family Tree is 30 pages, includes a pull-out family tree poster, and is available at the Society’s Basile History Market gift store and at bookstores throughout Indiana in hard cover for $14.95. IHS members receive a 10% discount on the book when purchasing directly from the Basile History Market. To order, call (800) 447-1830 or order online at the History Market.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hollywood Book Praised

Noted national film critic and historian Leonard Maltin has written a glowing review of the new IHS Press book Hoosiers in Hollywood.

Written by David L. Smith, Hoosiers in Hollywood presents native Hoosiers, as well as those who spent much of their formative years in the state, who have contributed in some fashion to the motion picture industry. The book includes Oscar winners and nominees, movies shot in or about Indiana, and Hoosiers on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In addition, there are more than 300 illustrations, including promotional shots from Hollywood studios and movie posters.

In his review, Maltin called the publication "an entertaining, attractive, and suprisingly interesting coffee table book."

For Maltin's complete review, visit his Web site.

Hoosiers in Hollywood costs $59.95 and is available online from the Indiana Historical Society's History Market or by calling (800) 447-1830