Tuesday, July 13, 2010

IHS Press Releases New Beer Book

Indiana: One Pint at a Time; A Traveler's Guide to Indiana's Breweries, just released from the Indiana Historical Society Press and written by Douglas A. Wissing, explores the history and living artisanal culture of the state's long, vibrant brewing tradition.

Using regional, ethnic, and commercial lens, the text depicts the early-nineteenth-century origins of Indiana's commercial breweries, through the early-twentieth-century heyday when forty-one Hoosier breweries hustled beer, to the mid-twentieth-century consolidation and decline.

The book focuses on Indiana brewing's remarkable post-1989 renaissance. Today more than thirty breweries produce award-winning craft microbrews across the state. Indiana: One Pint at a Time provides a travel guide to these craft breweries, interweaving their stories with Indiana architecture, ethnicity, and regional specificity, connecting the dynamics of today with the luster of the past.

Wissing is a Bloomington-based independent journalist and author. A descendant of nineteenth-century Indiana-German brewers, he has written articles for numerous publications and is the author of the book Pioneer in Tibet. Wissing has reported widely on the war in Afghanistan, including radio work for BBC and the Indiana NPR network.

Indiana: One Pint at a Time costs $24.95. The paperback book is available from the IHS's History Market.

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