Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beer Book Wins Gold in Contest

The Indiana Historical Society Press book Indiana: One Pint at a Time: A Traveler's Guide to Indiana's Breweries won gold, the top prize, in the travel guide category at ForeWord Reviews' 2010 Book of the Year Awards.

At a ceremony during the American Library Association Conference in New Orleans, the 215 Book of the Year Award winners in 60 categories were honored. These books, representing the best independently published books from 2010 were selected by a panel of librarian and bookseller judges.

Written by Douglas A. Wissing, Indiana: One Pint at a Time explores the history and living artisanal culture of the state's long, vibrant brewing tradition. Using regional, ethnic, and commercial lens, the text depicts the early-nineteenth-century origins of Indiana's commercial breweries, through the early-twentieth-century heyday when forty-one Hoosier breweries hustled beer, to the mid-twentieth-century consolidation and decline.

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