Friday, August 10, 2007

History and Genealogy

At the Midwestern Roots Conference, co-sponsored by the Indiana Historical Society and the Indiana Genealogical Society in August 2005, a special session was held, "History and Genealogy–Why Not Both?"

Participants in the session included professional genealogists Elizabeth Shown Mills and Tony Burroughs, archival manager Curt B. Witcher, historians Marianne S. Wokeck and James H. Madison, and the session was introduced by historical editor M. Teresa Baer of the IHS Press. All participants are also published authors. Three of the participants, Mills, Witcher, and Baer, submitted papers based on the discussion to the Indiana Magazine of History, published by Indiana University. The editors of the IMH published all three papers on the periodical's Web site. The link to them is at the top, left side of the home page. The end of the introductory paper (Baer’s) includes a call for comments. The participants and the editors of the IMH welcome comments and hope the publication of these articles furthers the discussion and fosters closer ties between the scholarly pursuits of genealogy and history.


Rebecca Harrison said...


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I had the opportunity to interview Peggy Morey, the wife of the late-Walt Morey (author of Gentle Ben), about his diving and pirating experience in Alaska. I also had Craig Lesley, a noted northwestern author, review my manuscript and recommend my book.

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